This 6-8 week bespoke course is about “Holding the Space” within. Focusing very much on Mindfulness in order to bring about awareness, nourishment and empowerment.

This will be delivered through experiential learning, movement practices, breath work, meditation, coaching techniques, relaxation and sound healing to enable for a body felt experience lead by intuition and self compassion.

Latest 6 week Course – CHAPS

Starting 9th and 11th October – For more info click on links below

Chester Venue


Northwich Venue



“I honestly couldn’t have picked a better course to start with. Lee is very welcoming and I felt at ease very quickly being in the sessions. He brought the whole group together and took time to listen to what we all had to say. Some of the techniques that I have learnt, I have been able to introduce into my daily routine and others when is needed. I have truly enjoyed this course and would highly recommend Broad-minded with Lee in the future!”