“Be Broad-minded and be transformed into your own Intuitive Artist– Lee Gosnay

/ Exploration

/ Awareness

/ Expression

Providing a Self Development, Holistic and Wellness Service in the form of…..

/ Movement

/ Mindfulness

/ Life Coaching

/ Music

/ Sound

The Bigger Picture

The Big Picture represents the planetary solar system and is a conceptual way of looking at life and all it involves..  These areas are interlinked with many aspects of our lives from a broad-minded perspective. 

To be launched when ready for lift off

A full online magazine to help with consciousness, positivity and unity. Go to the Bigger Picture section to explore a little further. More info to follow as we naturally evolve through time and space….

Movement Practices

All our Movement Energy practices are based around the Movement and Enerchi philosophy. That’s being Intuitive, Mindful and flowing…..

The main practice involves all elements, Yoga, Somatics, Qi Gong and Freestyle Tai Chi.

We also offer other workshops focusing on certain areas more than others though always involving Enerchi. 


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Movement and Energy Matters article link here https://mag.foyht.org/movement-and-energy-matters/

Holding the Space” a 6-8 week Mindfulness course to bring awareness, empowerment and nourishment through Movement, Breath-work, Meditation and more…”.

Future Focus” is a Life Coaching workshop that has an holistic and, intuitive approach. It helps with nurture, growth and enables you to feel empowered going forward”




These events/workshops are either previous dates or as in the case of Holding the Space is yet to be launched online


A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile workshop which I would highly recommend. When’s the next one?” Peter Bligh (Movement and Enerchi workshop)

I really liked the way that the coaching sessions were holistic, rather than focused solely on one single event or goal. I feel that I am better equipped to deal with certain situations and that I have gained a better understanding of what makes me tick. Helen (1-1 Coaching)

“I found it remarkably easy to let go and open my mind to new ideas, and every week I left buzzing with a new found energy and calmness. I would recommend this course to anyone that needs guidance to be more connected to themselves and at peace.” Jane W (“Holding the Space” – A Mindfulness course for parents of children with autism)

— Anna Wong, Volunteer